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9 Ways to Recession-proof Your Hair

Just because your bank account is dusty does not mean your hair needs to be.

There has been an awful lot of talk about an impending recession and with inflation making food prices skyrocket we are all looking for solutions to the problem. We are giving up so much to get by, but our self-esteem does NOT need to be one of the sacrifices.

We have come up with nine creative solutions to get you through hard times while still looking great!

Express Services

Express Services are a fantastic way to create slight changes to your look or make upkeep more affordable. These are some express services that we offer.

Color retouch

Many people these days are trading in their bottle blond hair for darker tresses. Having a lived-in natural color that fades to a lighter blond is gorgeous and the upkeep is simple. Root touch ups of the color and periodical Toner is all that is needed. The blond might need to be added here and there and that is where our “10 Foil Highlights” is especially useful.

10 foil highlights

Quite literally 10 foils of highlight come with this service. Depending on placement you can blend your roots, brighten the face, or lighten up your balayage ($25 balayage charge applies)

Scandinavian Hairline really brightens up the face with any color especially blonds

Mini Vivid

Do you not want to make a big Vivid color commitment? Here is the way to dip your toe in the water. You receive 10 foils placed anywhere you like. This includes lightning and the application of vivid color.

“Money piece is a fun way to add a bold statement vivid without the commitment.”


Toner can do so many good things for blond hair. You can use a clear toner for shine or switch it up and add copper to give your blond that strawberry look. The options are limitless, but did you know toner can be used on colored hair? When used as a demi permanent gloss it can add color and shine back to faded hair color.

One way to spice up a blond with toner is cowboy copper.

Root Smudge

A root smudge is a darkening of the first inch or two of hair lightly blended into the rest of your hair. This can help grown out highlights blend in with your natural hair color to create a lived-in look.

Salon Perks

Here at Scissor Sisters we have perks for our clients.

Bang trims are free for clients who have already had one previous appointment.

We offer a loyalty program that gives you points. 1 point for every dollar spent on services, 2 points for every dollar spent on products, 250 points for pre booking your next appointment, and 2500 point for referring clients to us with a referral card. 2500 point translates to $25.

All full color services that aren't a member ship (lightener, balayage, color and vivid color) comes with up to $40 of salon products for free.

Professional hair care products

Professional hair care products can seem like a luxury, but they are cheaper than what you can buy on drug store shelves. Hair products sold over the counter at grocery stores or online often have a large amount of water in their mixture causing you to use more of the product. When we overuse products we buy more often, and they are counting on that. So, $10 shampoo runs out once a month or less and we end up spending $30 to get what you can out of a $24 bottle of professional product. They use cheap ingredients and the results do not last. Many of the products out there at these stores have additives that cause build up that makes the hair look weighed down and damaged. These products often have the wrong PH for human hair. This can make your color fall out prematurely and cause you to come into the salon more often.

There are so many ways to save in the salon and the mental health benefits that come with it make it so much easier to treat yourself. Lets get through this tough time looking and feeling like a billion bucks.


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