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Hair Show Salon

Scissor Sisters began in 2014 as a way to offer our clients the truly unique experience that evokes the feel and glamour of a hair show. We believe that everyone is the star of the show and implement that philosophy throughout every aspect of our business.  

Blue velvet theatre chairs line the front of the stage offering comfortable seating for you and your guests to lounge with complimentary beer, froze or non alcoholic beverage service while watching the show.  Specializing in vivid color treatments, styling, and make-up services we truly give our clients the star treatment.


In addition to salon service, Scissor Sisters is located in the same building as Side Kitsch Vintage offering you the opportunity to shop unique finds.  So come early or stay after to shop our curated assortment of vintage furniture, décor, and clothing. 


Meet the Sisters

Our Expert Platform Artists


Vivid Color | Cuts | Styles | Treatments

The Experience

From the moment you arrive at Scissor Sisters you will be greeted as the star you are!  


All services are done on stage by experienced platform artists to give the feel and glamour of a hair show with you as the model.

Bring a friend or a few to share in the moment.  We have multiple rows of blue velvet theatre seats for audiences to revel in your transformation!  

At the end of your service you will get a grand reveal, as well as a complimentary photoshoot to show off your fresh new look!


The Idea

The core Idea of the hair show salon was a dream of Heathers that came from a fantasitc hair show experience she had in 2006. Heather was called on stage to be a model. The platform artist was the creator of Big Sexy Hair Michael O'Rourke. After having an amazing time she wondered if a hair show could be translated into a salon. 


The First Salon

In 2014 Scissor Sisters Hair Show opened in Harker Heights, Texas. At this time it was owned by siblings Heather Collins and Beau Sutton. This First salon was an incubator for a lot of the culture and  ideas we use to this day. We were the only salon in a busy night life area for the soldiers from fort hood. this location was open until 2016

The Second Salon

At this time Beau Sutton was the sole owner and the salon was moved to a boutique location for closer access to Fort Hood. We created a boutique shopping area and a more personalized salon experience. This is where we elevated our service standards. Over time we missed the stage and in 2019 moved the salon to Austin, TX.


Austin Remodel

August 1st 2019 we started a the remodel of our Austin TX salon. Take a look at the process. after pictures to come!