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Is Block color the edge your looking for ?


It’s okay to break the rules and start experimenting with block color as a way to inject personality into your hair. Its A great way to satiate the urge to constantly update your look. If you’ve got the grow-out blues, a color block is a fun way to switch it up without losing length or subjecting your hair to the stress of a full set of foils. Here are five popular ways to get the Block color of your dreams.



Face-framing Highlights are stunning, and high-contrast face-framing highlights fall under the category of block hair color. To create this look, your stylist will lighten your face-framing strands to a hue that is more than two shades lighter than your base color for a statement look that’s front and center.


Speaking of block hair colors that are front and center, colored bangs are another great option. Whether you have blunt bangs or a side-swept fringe, your colorist will use hair dye on your bangs to create a striking contrast against the rest of your hair.


Hair streaks don’t have to be scary and it doesn't have to be Halloween season when you wear it! In fact, they’re a trendy option if you want to try an all-over block hair color. Have your stylist add various streaks of high-contrast shades throughout your mane to get the look.


Another way to try the block hair color technique is with color-blocked ends. For this look, your colorist will create horizontal lines of different contrasting hues at your ends, stacking one on top of the other.


Colored roots are a great way to try this colorful hair trend while also disguising gray roots (or grown-out roots of any color) in the process. Consider it a win-win!

Whether bold or subtle, a color block is an easy way to update a style you’ve been holding on to, or even create a whole new look.   This fall, it’s all about incorporating your natural hair color in with vivids. Whether you want a peek-a-boo or an “I can see you,” It’s as bold as you wanna be. So let loose. Break the rules. Dip your toes into the ocean of color. The water is just fine. 



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